Mia del Mar

… is latina inspired, culturally infused, and rooted in the Spanish word for ”mine.” In a world saturated by rigid beauty standards, we dare to create something that Latinas can call their own.

This isn’t just a brand by latinas, it’s a brand for latinas.

Latinas Report a Several Skincare Issues that go unaddressed by the Mainstream Beauty Industry.

Y queremos oír lo que tienes que decír.

Do you feel under-represented? Do you think Latinas are generally overlooked by the beauty industry?

Put your two cents in and let people know just how diverse our skincare needs are.  

Want to glow like J.Lo? Learn the 5 steps and products necessary to keep your skin brillando como el oro.

Beauty Formulated Contigo in mind.

Hop out of the beauty standards box and experience products backed by research, studies, and las voces Latinas.

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