4 Types of Latinas We Can All Relate To

4 TYPES OF Latinas we can all relate to


Rosario Rodriguez
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Latinas are made up of all types of girls and women, all with different demeanors, attitudes, and estilos .

Even though we’re all different and have our own take on what defines us, there are personality types that Latinas can relate to. It’s not hard to find a famous Latina that embodies these personalities, either.

Sometimes, you find yourself connecting to the way a person talks, dresses, or just experiences life.

Sea como sea, these are 4 types of Latina personalities that we can all relate to.

The Bad Girl (La Atrevida)

When we think rugged, bad girl, we think about Michelle Rodriguez.

Her role as Letty Ortiz in the Fast and the Furious franchise has cemented her image as the bad girl in Hollywood, and has continued with other action-packed roles.

Sure, Latinas can be elegant and extravagant, but we can relate with Michelle on screen and off with her natural beauty and effortless resting bitch face.

Whether it was teen angst, falling for the bad boy or just wanting to know what rebellion tastes like, we’ve all had a Michelle Rodriguez atrevida moment.

The Queen (La Reina)

The Beyoncé of Latinas, Selena’s legacy of class, style, and effortless breakthrough in the music industry has stood the test of time.

Selena was able to separate herself from the Hollywood world easily because she was humbled by her upbringing and never took herself too seriously (although she worked just as hard as any Grammy winner would).

Her amazing sense of humor and graciousness made her super relatable and was one of the best forms of representation that Latinas could ask for.

When we’re feeling a little down or just need inspiration to feel like a badass queen, Selena is our go-to girl.

The Villain (La Malvada)

Soraya Montenegro is an iconic figure in the telenovela world. This character embodied (and possibly defined) the “emotional Latina,” creating a persona of Latinas that should not be messed with.

If you’ve ever had an angel and devil on our shoulders at one point in your life, it was Soraya whispering about malditas in your ear.

When we’re seeing red and feeling emotionally unstable, violent, or a case of the celos… that’s just the Soraya within.

Don’t feel bad, it’s happened to all of us.

The Life of the Party (La Pachanga)

Latinas know how to have fun.

We make the best out of any scenario and use loud music and even louder clothing to spread the fun spirits.

Celia Cruz was the life of the party from the moment we knew who Celia Cruz was and she never let us forget it.

With her flamboyant outfits and eclectic hairstyles, she influenced us all to march to the beat of our own drum.

Celia is the friend we all love to have and the party girl we strive to be.


Which one can you relate to the most? 

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