5 Tips for Flawless Summer Makeup

It is officially the season for rooftop, beach and outdoor festivities. Not wearing any makeup in this heat may seem like an easy solution for some people, but for those with certain skin conditions, not so much. Here we round up some great tips for you to flaunt that tan, feel your best and enjoy the season meltdown-free.


Primers are made for humid weather, they keep the makeup you apply on the top looking fresh for longer. However, overusing primer can make your skin look dull or unnaturally flat and matte, so try to use sparingly along the T-Zone, side of the nose, and cheeks.

Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin suggests avoiding silicon primers in dry, hot weather. They tend to dry out the skin, making it produce more oil. To keep oil production in check and makeup from melting away, he suggests a good hydration-based option. Try our Marvelous Silicone Free Makeup Primer with a clean formula full of hydrating and balancing ingredients like Coconut and Olive Oil, Pomegranate Extract, Vitamin E and A and Tapioca Starch to absorb excess oil.


Powder and gel makeup products tend to hold up better in warmer, sweatier climates. Choose matte tones over shimmery ones to avoid looking oilier in the heat, the weather is naturally going to make your skin look shiny. Check out our Flamingoals Blush Palette for 9 curated options of highly pigmented pink shades with perfect matte options.



When it comes to containing shine, if you continue to reapply powder, it can build up. Blotting papers are great because they absorb excess shine while not disturbing makeup. If you feel you need to apply more powder, try to alternate between blotting and powder so you space it out. If you prefer a dewy complexion you can easily add some controlled glow and dew with our Chiseled Cheek-a Contour + Highlight Kit.



The easiest way to wear bold summer colors is to blend a single matte color in different tones, creating a gradient or ombré effect. For example, wear a bright lip, soft fresh blush and a wash of eyeshadow in a similar color or flip it and use bold eyeshadow, mild blush and really soft lips. Get out of your comfort zone and try the Life is a Fiesta Eyeshadow Palette + Dual-Ended Brush for bold and wearable colors.



A fancy floral mist helps to hydrate skin and refresh your makeup, filling in any areas that look patchy or oily. A makeup-setting spray mist can also be an effective last step in a sweat-proof routine, designed to keep your look in place all night. But take caution with these mists, as they can make your makeup last up to 16 hours and require a bit of elbow grease to remove. Even a bottle of water mist can help you refresh your skin and makeup.

Make sure to remember these tips to avoid piling radiance and ending up looking really sweaty! As always: keep your skin moisturized, drink plenty of water and enjoy yourself!

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