Don't let Manchas ruin your glow

The only 'manchas' you need are the pastel watercolor shades on your lovely spring dress


Melanin is the pigment that makes our latina skin look morena and beautiful, however, it makes us prone to skin pigmentation (also known as melasma, hyperpigmentation... or manchas). We are programmed to produce higher levels melanin in response to injury - whether it’s sun damage or picking at a pimple. Amiga, you’re lucky if you’re not dealing with some dark spots or some of that patchy discoloration stuff by now.


So, when you’re relaxing at the beach feeling fabulous and the sun's warm rays hit your skin, it’s actually producing melanin as self-protection — what we see on the outside is a gorgeous suntan. Later, your immune system will restore some of the damage, but eventually the pigment is bound to build up and may become hyperpigmentation —meaning those dreaded spots that your tías have and you swore you would never get when you were older. Sorry, but it doesn't matter if your skin is fair or dark, you don’t get a pass on SPF if you want to keep your word.

Skin melasma is not fun, so we'll stick to photos of artistic 'manchas'.

Modern art or an inkblot test of your worst makeup nightmares?

Even if your SPF game is strong, melanin may act up for any number of reasons. Hyperpigmentation and melasma marks are common in people who have faced teenage acne, rashes, cuts, scars, or anything that contributes to skin inflammation. Even hormonal changes caused by birth control and pregnancy can trick your skin into producing more… as if we didn’t have enough drama going on in that department.

Before you fall into despair... There's hope! A proper skincare routine can help fighting melasma and reducing hyperpigmentation. They may be hard to avoid, pero antes muertas que sencillas!

A good night cream with Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid - like our amazing Overnight Miracle Glow Night Cream will help restore the skin’s cells as you sleep. And don't forget that any skincare routine starts with a clean face. The refreshing Instant Bliss Glycolic Face Wash with glycolic acid, will noticeably help improve the skin appearance and lighten those spots.

A dermatologist can provide treatments for the most complex issues , but the best cure is prevention! The secret is the skincare routine.  

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