Carolina Herrera is known worldwide as a luxury fashion brand. This Venezuelan mogul has conquered the world and has been has been influencing fashion, beauty and the art world long before “influencer” was even an accepted term, before the internet… heck, even before you were born! Her brand remains a symbol of timeless elegance, preferred by celebrities, royals and public figures.

Photo: instyle magazine.

I know, you’re getting all sorts of Abuelita vibes from her. But trust me, she’s full of surprises. She’s not one to tell you what to wear, as long as it makes you feel confident. She says: “I want women to choose something that makes them feel empowered and fantastic and admired by many people." Who cares if you are admired by other people? —you might ask, and she will tell you: "all women like to have their clothes admired, and those that deny it are lying." So there’s some unsolicited abuelita-wisdom for you!

Photo: in studio 54 with Bianca Jagger, 1979. Getty Images.

She believes “you have to find your own style, and it's difficult to define what style is. It's not what you're wearing; it's how you wear it. It's something very personal, and it reflects the way you live and your house, the books you read, the art you have."

Andy Warhol reportedly traded her a clutch for this painting, showcasing her signature red lips! Photo: Christie’s

Young Carolina, ready for tennis with her makeup on point. (Photo: Pinterest)

In an interview, one of her daughters said: "One thing about my mother is that she has her taste: She knows what she likes and what looks good. It's not studied. There is no insecurity in what she is going to wear, and I think that translates into effortlessness. Her career has been a steady rise, and it hasn't been about the fashion of the moment. It's been because she has kept to her style. She didn't go grunge when it was grunge, or 70's when it was 70's. It's about being secure with what you like and not worrying about what's in fashion that particular day. That's what I admire about her."

Photo: Vogue

She definitely is a Latina Beauty Icon and an inspiring abuelita!

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