Pero like, who are we?

We are beauty that speaks tu idioma.


You heard us.

Primero que todo, somos Latino-Americanas: with over 16 million millennial Latin-Americans, we have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Despite being largely influential on social media platforms as beauty influencers, bloggers, and pop-culture icons, we are still largely overlooked by the general beauty industry, and let me tell you, me zumba el mango that this is even happening.

The beauty industry simply doesn’t know what to do with us, y por eso, Mia del Mar is happening.

The topic? Us.

The inspiration? You.

The industry? Ours. 

Join the wave and be a part of the growing influence of nuestra gente.

But what is L-Beauty? 

It is the natural beauty secrets handed down to us by generations past. They are our biggest source of inspiration for this beauty line and with them, we continue the legacy of our Abuelitas. 

Mia del Mar is the only beauty brand that addresses the unique skincare and beauty needs of Latino-Americanas.

We are  skincare for Latinas by Latinas. 

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