Why Latina Representation Matters

By: Rosario Rodriguez
Writer. Spicier than a Hot Cheetos & Takis Challenge.

Latinas come in all different shapes, sizes, shades and even ethnicities - while it may be tough to put us in a box, we deserve representation just like anyone else!

If you counted how many times you saw a Latina on screen who wasn’t sexualized, an overworked matriarch, or another tired stereotype, you might need a shot of ron to ease the blow of misrepresentation. ¿Qué honda? We’re more than these things!

Latinas in general aren’t being properly represented in the media, so why is Hollywood getting praised for their diversity when there still so much work to do?

Well, we’re about to get serious con ustedes because the film, entertainment and beauty industry is the perfect example of how invisible Latinos are.

I get it, we’ve seen some improvements from the constant misrepresentation, but Latinos are still nowhere to be (truly) seen.

Gina Rodriguez, the Puerto Rican actress known for her role in Jane the Virgin, shares what it felt like for her growing up without adequate media representation, “I felt invisible. Not just as a woman, but also as a Latina that was dealing with this dual identity in America... I felt like I didn't belong or I had to assimilate to be accepted or successful.”

Basically, stereotypes in media make it impossible for others to experience nuestra cultura and traditions, and makes it harder for us to express ourselves naturally.

“I felt invisible. Not just as a woman, but also as a Latina that was dealing with this dual identity in America….. I felt like I didn't belong or I had to assimilate to be accepted or successful.”

- Gina Rodriguez

Mia del Mar is L-Beauty

Empowering Latinas is kind of our thing, and it’s something we KNOW makes a difference. L-beauty, short for Latina Beauty, isn’t just about the la belleza superficial - it’s about the orgullo and strength that shines from within. The “L”, of course, is for “Latina”. ¡Para que no se olviden que estamos aquí!

Latinas report suffering from oily skin, stubborn acne and hyperpigmentation more than any other demographic, yet no one is addressing this...until now. 

Without authentic Latina representation in our communities, we’re bombarded with misrepresented images of people claiming to be like us, when in reality, Latinas are unique in our own way. Nothing can separate us from our roots, our heritage, and our abuelita’s beauty secrets.

L-beauty embraces the magical realism of our cultures and provides a new channel of Latina representation. Not just with our carefully crafted skin care lines and future beauty projects, but in our social efforts and community building.

How We Keep It Real

Short for Latina Beauty, L-Beauty recognizes that there is an underrepresentation of Latinas in society at large, but especially within the beauty industry. This is why we're here. But what are the main elements of L-Beauty? Glad you asked.


L-Beauty gives women the ability to enhance their natural glow and target the three main skin issues that Latinas face: excess oil productIon, hyperpigmentation, and stubborn acne. 


It’s more than skin deep. L-Beauty is about embracing your heritage, traditions, and languages to continue the spirit of your roots and allow for cultural expression a tu manera.


Product ingredients are inspired by and derived from all parts of Latin and Central America to create an experience with our products that is familiar and simple.

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