¡Hola! We're Mia del Mar

Queridas #Señoritas,

Somos Latinas-Americanas. We are the unified voice of a long line of beautiful heritages weaved together into an unbreakable fabric of beauty and culture. From this fire of rolled R's and boisterous laughs, la belleza Latina is born and remains the biggest inspiration behind our brand.

Rooted in the Spanish word for "mine," Mia del Mar is the magic behind la belleza Latina. Hailing from sunny Miami, somos las hijas de nuestras madres, sobrinas de nuestras tias, y las nietas de nuestras abuelas. We are inspired by our Latin heritage and the beautiful mix of cultures painted throughout this city to cultivate a brand that is uniquely ours.

The natural beauty secrets and approach to beauty handed to down to us by generations past are the biggest source of inspiration for this brand, and with it, we continue the legacy of proud belleza Latina. We are more than just a beauty brand, we are Latina-Americana empowerment and there is no limit to where this brand will take us or where we will go.

The inspiration? You. The industry? Ours. We are the culturally-infused beauty brand that speaks tus idiomas

Glow, mija!