Bienvenidos to L-Beauty

Latin Beauty movement

L-Beauty is the movement that aims to bring Latina beauty culture to the forefront of the American mainstream.

We are bright, bold y bellas. We're a little bit extra y a veces, hablamos Spanglish.  Somos Latinas - we are beautiful and completely unapologetic about all that we are. We experience beauty in a unique way, and we want you to be a part of it.

We are proud of being beautiful, and we take pleasure in the process of taking care of ourselves.  To la mujer Latina, beauty is anything but a chore or a luxury - it is a staple of who we are. Despite our variety and diversity, red lipstick is an icon of Latina beauty for a reason - much like it, we seek to leave a striking impact wherever we go.

Our approach to self-care is a series of magical philosophies and beauty secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation, crafting an expertise and approach to glamor that is uniquely our’s.

Despite our wildly different genetic and cultural backgrounds, heartwarming memories of our madres and abuelitas making concoctions out of items found within reach is a common theme to Latinas. Whether it's mixing papaya from the garden with coffee grounds to serve as a body scrub or putting aloe in the refrigerator to use as a pore-shrinking moisturizer, these natural beauty recipes are the inheritance we hold dearest to our hearts and these processes are the core of L-Beauty.

Join us and put your best face forward with a beauty experience that is 


The L-Beauty movement recognizes that there is a sincere lack of authentic representation that not only understands Latinas, but also comprehends the cultural aspects that impact our approach to beauty.


The L-Beauty movement is about giving women the ability to enhance their natural glow and be proud of who they are. We speak Spanglish, we are obsessed with glamour and our beauty regimens are not just an expression of ourselves and our families, but of our nationalities. 


It's more than skin deep. L-Beauty is about embracing your heritage, traditions and languages to continue the spirit of your roots and keep you grounded. It is about mixing beauty with cultural expression a tu manera. 

Glow, mija